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John Cena’s Hilarious Oscars Stint: Nearly Nude on Stage for Best Costume Design Presentation

John Cena took center stage at the Oscars on Sunday, bringing laughter and surprise as he presented the award for best costume design in a nearly nude fashion. The actor, known for his WWE wrestling career, humorously appeared to be wearing nothing at all during the prestigious Hollywood event.

The host, Jimmy Kimmel, set the stage for the bit by referencing the 1974 Academy Awards when a streaker ran across the stage. Kimmel playfully mused about the possibility of a nude interruption in today’s Oscars, to which Cena emerged from the corner of the stage, objecting to the “streaker bit.”

Cena, holding an oversized winner’s envelope strategically over his private parts, humorously complained about the tasteless idea, asserting, “The male body is not a joke!” Kimmel countered by noting that Cena, a famed WWE wrestler, wrestles in the nude, to which Cena clarified, “Dude, I don’t wrestle naked. I wrestle in jorts!”

As the banter continued, Cena walked to the center of the stage, leaving the audience stunned. He humorously presented the importance of costumes while emphasizing their significance, all while appearing to be nearly naked.

With Kimmel’s assistance, Cena was later wrapped in a curtain to reduce his exposure. The award for the best costume design ultimately went to Holly Waddington for “Poor Things.”

Contrary to appearances, a source revealed that Cena was covered in the groin and butt crack area, and the envelope was velcroed to him. These safety measures were taken to avoid FCC violations during the live broadcast.

As the amusing Oscars moment unfolded, one can only wonder if Oscar-winner Waddington will create something special for Cena to wear at the afterparty. Source – CNN

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