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Lanka Sathosa Slashes Prices of Essential Consumer Goods Ahead of Festive Season

Sri Lanka’s state-owned wholesale and retail chain, ‘Lanka Sathosa,’ has announced significant price reductions for various essential consumer goods in anticipation of the upcoming festive season.

Effective from midnight (08th), the following price reductions will be implemented:

  • The price of dry chillies per kilogram will be reduced by Rs. 300, with the new price set at Rs. 850.
  • Imported big onions from China will see a reduction of Rs. 120 per kilogram, bringing the new price to Rs. 375.
  • Big onions imported from India and Pakistan will have their prices slashed by Rs. 50 per kilogram, with the new price set at Rs. 445.
  • The price of garlic will be lowered by Rs. 15 per kilogram, now priced at Rs. 680.
  • Potatoes will witness a reduction of Rs. 10 per kilogram, with the new price set at Rs. 165.

Additionally, Lanka Sathosa has decided to decrease the price of red lentil dahl by Rs. 7 and white raw rice by Rs. 3 per kilogram.

These price adjustments aim to provide relief to consumers and ensure accessibility to essential items during the festive period.

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