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Maldives President Dr. Muizzu Submits Ambassadorial Nominations to Parliament for Three Countries

On Tuesday (Feb. 06), President of the Maldives, Dr. Muizzu, took a significant step in diplomatic affairs by submitting nominations for ambassadorial positions to the Parliament. This move aligns with Article 14 of the Maldives’ Foreign Service Act, emphasizing transparency and adherence to established procedures.

President Muizzu’s correspondence to Parliament included nominations for ambassadorial roles in three key countries—Sri Lanka, Malaysia, and Belgium, along with representation for the European Union.

The nominated individuals are as follows:

  • Ambassador to Sri Lanka: Masood Imad
  • Ambassador to Malaysia: Maryam Shabina Ahmed
  • Ambassador to Belgium and the EU: Geela Ali

Masood Imad, designated as the ambassador to Sri Lanka, brings valuable experience to the role, having previously served as the Press Secretary of the Government of Mohamed Waheed. Meanwhile, Maryam Shabina Ahmed, the nominee for Malaysia, and Geela Ali, the nominee for Belgium and the EU, each possess unique backgrounds and qualifications.

Geela Ali, in particular, has a noteworthy history within the foreign ministry, having previously held the position of Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Health. These nominations underscore President Muizzu’s commitment to appointing qualified individuals with diverse expertise to represent the Maldives on the international stage.

The submission of these nominations to Parliament marks a crucial step in the diplomatic process, and once approved, the appointed ambassadors will play pivotal roles in strengthening the Maldives’ relations with these strategically important countries. This diplomatic initiative aligns with the Maldives’ broader efforts to foster positive and collaborative engagements on the global front.

Source – Agencies

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