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Maldives Voters Deliver Landslide Victory to President Muizzu’s Party, Tilting Archipelago Towards China

Media reports on Monday revealed that Maldives voters handed President Mohamed Muizzu’s party, the People’s National Congress (PNC), a landslide win in parliamentary elections, signaling a significant shift for the Indian Ocean archipelago towards China and away from its traditional partner, India.

Preliminary results from the Maldives Elections Commission and media projections indicate that Muizzu’s PNC secured 65 out of the 93 seats contested on Sunday.

In contrast, the main opposition, Maldives Democratic Party (MDP), saw a drastic decline, securing only 12 seats compared to their previous 65.

The strategic positioning of the Maldives has attracted both Beijing and New Delhi, who seek to bolster their influence in the Indo-Pacific region.

Since taking office last year, Muizzu has vowed to depart from the country’s previous “India First” policy, causing strains in relations with New Delhi. Notably, his administration has requested the departure of numerous Indian military personnel from the Maldives, a move critics argue could accelerate the nation’s alignment with China.

It’s important to note that Muizzu’s presidency remains unaffected by Sunday’s parliamentary vote, which saw 368 candidates competing for five-year terms.

Source: Reuters

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