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Man Allegedly Axes Wife and Seven Children to Death in Gruesome Incident in Punjab, Pakistan

In a harrowing incident reported by the police, a poverty-stricken man purportedly used an axe to fatally assault his wife and seven young children in the Punjab province of Pakistan on Thursday. Sajjad Khokhar, identified as a laborer, carried out the attack in Alipur, Muzaffargarh district, situated approximately 350 km from Lahore.

The victims included his wife, Kausar, aged 42, and their seven children, comprising four daughters and three sons, ranging from eight months to 10 years old. The assailant, reportedly grappling with mental distress attributed to financial hardships, frequently engaged in disputes with his spouse, as per police statements.

Law enforcement authorities have detained the perpetrator, with charges filed against him. The accused purportedly admitted to the crime, citing an inability to provide sustenance for his children as the motive behind his drastic actions, as conveyed by the police.

Expressing profound sorrow over the tragic loss of innocent lives, Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz has requested a comprehensive report from the Inspector General of Police.

Source: WION

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