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Meteorology Department Issues Advisory for Heavy Rain, Strong Winds, and Rough Seas

The Department of Meteorology has issued an advisory for heavy rain, strong winds, and rough seas for the sea areas extending from Kalpitiya to Pottuvil via Colombo, Galle, and Hambantota.

The advisory warns that these sea areas will experience rough conditions at times, with strong gusty winds reaching up to 60-70 km/h. Showers or thundershowers are expected intermittently, with the possibility of heavy showers in some locations. Naval and fishing communities are urged to exercise caution.

Additionally, the Meteorology Department has issued an advisory for strong winds and rough seas for the deep-sea areas in the southeastern Arabian Sea. It warns that strong winds, heavy rainfall, and very rough seas are expected to intensify over the next few days in the sea areas around the country and in the southeastern sea areas.

In a special weather bulletin issued today, the department advised against venturing into the sea areas marked in red on the map until further notice. The general public, as well as the fishing and naval communities, are requested to take adequate precautions to minimize damage caused by temporary localized strong winds and lightning during thundershowers.


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