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Minister Manusha Nanayakkara Announces Plans for QR Code System for Three-Wheeler Drivers

The Minister of Labour and Foreign Employment, Manusha Nanayakkara, has revealed that steps will be taken to implement a new QR code system in a short timeframe, considering the proposal to introduce QR codes for the registration and creation of a data system for all three-wheeler drivers.

Nanayakkara conveyed these intentions while participating in the event marking the establishment of the Interim Sectoral Steering Committee on January 16. This committee serves as the initial phase in forming professional councils for three-wheeler drivers.

Additionally, discussions have been initiated regarding the development of a system that allows three-wheeler drivers to secure hired journeys through the internet, facilitated by the professional organization established for them.

The formation of this Steering Committee falls under the “Garu Saru” program, initiated to instill professional dignity and pride within the informal services sector in Sri Lanka. Minister Nanayakkara chairs the committee, which reportedly comprises representatives from all three-wheeler drivers’ associations in the country.

During the event, a resolution encapsulating the consensus reached in prior discussions concerning the enhancement of professional dignity was presented to the minister.

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