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Minister Manusha Nanayakkara Criticizes Forty-Year “Curse” Impeding National Development

There is not a seventy-five year curse in the country, but a forty-year curse

Minister Manusha reveals the group that has been a curse to the country for 40 years by preventing development. Labour and Foreign Employment Minister Manusha Nanayakkara says

Labour and Foreign Employment Minister Manusha Nanayakkara said today (18) while participating in the ‘Jayagamu Sri Lanka’ Nuwara Eliya program that there is not a seventy-five-year curse in the country, but a forty-year curse of the parties who are hindering the country’s development by saying so.

“At that time, they created a rumours for the open economy. They created a big boogeyman for the Gal Oya movement, Uma Oya, and created a big boogeymans for the ‘IMF.’ They made the people of the country die against India So much so that the 40-year development of this country was stopped because of the 75-year curse. These people are the curse When Sri Lanka announced Vietnam as one of the best tourist destinations, Some are laughed at it. We laugh at our country. When we ‘share’ it ourselves, it goes to the world. We should also use the media properly.”

The minister said this while participating in the program held at the ‘Jayagamu Sri Lanka – Smart Youth Club’ at Cinecita Stadium in Nuwaraeliya.

“We were able to sing the national anthem in Tamil with the decision made by Mr. Ranil Wickramasinghe in 2015. We had problems when we made that decision in 2015. But Mr. Ranil Wickramasinghe was not thinking about politics or elections, but about giving our own brotherly nation the dignity that it needs to live with its own dignity. It’s a small thing. But it’s something that makes us happy. Even though there are jobs for young people, we are here to make you entrepreneurs by making that gap.
We remember a few years ago, a political upheaval was created in the country saying no to all 225, and the country collapsed. At a time like this, we had to accept challenges.

The people who voted for us faced a crisis without oil and gas. My child is not vaccinated at the right age. At that time we had to make a decision. At that moment I forgot my popularity and took responsibility. Change starts with yourself. When they told you not to send dollars to the country, we started asking them to send five hundred million dollars. At that time, we knew the citizens of our country who were working abroad, sending dollars without hearing what the JVP said.

They sent us dollars so that we can give medicine, gas, oil and electracity as well . Politicians are not sensitive to grief, but our people are sensitive to it. The Foreign Employment Bureau and the licensed agencies here worked for it. Our country is our home. When our house was on fire, not many people came to put out the fire. Many people left their homes and ran away. The country started to go. After studying in this country for 13 years, the scholars fled when the country was on fire. Our youth also chose wrong paths and got lost in different parts of the the abroad and were in trouble. At that time, we advertised not to get caught in the wrong ways.not to get caught smugllars.

S.J.B Parlimenterian Harsha de Silva asks how anyone who sends money from abroad can buy big cars. I thought only J.V.P was a hypocrite. But, people like Harsha de Silva show that. The people who said they are changing the system also collected money saying they are sending the people to the foringh country.

Our country is a country that had a war. A country that created disharmony among the nations called ”sterile Koththu”. We also started a program that if we want to develop the country, the nations should stay together. These are the dreams I had as a normal young man. If we were told we can’t, we can’t. If we continue like this, it will not be a problem to overcome our barrier.

When Mrs. Margaret Thatcher brought the open economy during the world economic crisis, the country came out of it. But, When Mr. J.R.Jayawardene brought the open economy, No one allow him to continiue. That’s how our country is. hypocrisy At that time, the open economy created boogeymans. The Gal Oya movement, Uma Oya, and the ‘IMF’ are creating a big boogeyman.

They created a wrong opinion about India, made a separate class about Indian expansionism and made the people of the country die against India. Because of these ideologies, we could not move forward as a country. But those who said they were against India are now going to India. We can move forward only when the human chain between India is strengthened. We only have us.

Without racism, we have to change ourselves. To change the system, you have to start with yourself. When Sri Lanka announced Vietnam as one of the best tourist destinations, Some are laughed at it. We laugh at our country. When we ‘share’ it ourselves, it goes to the world. We should also use the media properly.

Lee Kuan Yew thanked Sri Lanka for building the port in Singapore for not building the port after protesting. Because of the protests in Sri Lanka that day, Singapore got out. But now they are making boogeymans inside the country, shouting that it is a 75-year curse.

The country has really come a long way from where it was. But today, the same people who are shouting about the curse of 75 years are the ones who hindered the development of the country in the last 40 years. They are the ones who really cursed this country for 40 years. These people are the curse, ” the minister added.

Nuwara Eliya District Secretary G.K.P.R.P.K. Nandana, Secretary of the Ministry of Labour and Foreign Employment Ananda Wimalaweera, Additional Secretary of the Ministry of Labor and Foreign Employment Lal Samarasekera, Commissioner General of Labour H.K.K.A. Jayasundara, Director General of Manpower and Security Department K.G.H.N.R. Kiriella, Foreign Employment Bureau board member Jeff Gunawardena and others participated in this event.


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