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Ministry of Education Implements Measures to Alleviate Weight of School Bags

In an effort to address concerns over the excessive weight of students’ school bags, the Ministry of Education has introduced measures to limit the number of textbooks brought to school, excluding exercise books specifically prepared for students.

The initiative aims to mitigate potential health issues, such as spinal cord disorders, as highlighted by health units, which attribute these problems to the heavy burden of school bags on students.

To achieve this goal, the Ministry has opted to print selected textbooks in batches, with the objective of reducing the overall weight of students’ school bags. The Secretary to the Ministry of Education has issued a circular containing relevant guidelines, addressing all school principals.

The circular emphasizes the need for a comprehensive program that encourages students to safely store their textbooks in the classroom, thereby lessening the need to carry them back and forth daily. Furthermore, it provides directives for the implementation of a system where groups of students collectively bring one textbook each.

As part of the proposed strategies to alleviate the weight of school bags, students are also encouraged to use a single book instead of multiple books for certain subjects, contributing to a more manageable and healthier load for students.

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