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Pakistan Ambassador to the European Union, Belgium, and Luxembourg, Amna Baloch, Meets with Sri Lankan Ambassador (Designate) Chandana Weerasena to Enhance Bilateral Cooperation

On Monday, Ambassador Amna Baloch, representing Pakistan to the European Union, Belgium, and Luxembourg, engaged in discussions with Sri Lankan Ambassador (Designate) Chandana Weerasena to explore areas of mutual interest and reinforce bilateral ties.

The courtesy meeting took place at the Pakistani Embassy in Belgium, serving as a platform for both ambassadors to express their commitment to advancing collaboration between Pakistan and Sri Lanka within the broader context of the European Union.

The Pakistan Embassy, in a statement shared on X, provided insights into the meeting, highlighting the shared dedication of both envoys to intensifying bilateral cooperation. The discussions centered around identifying opportunities to enhance mutual understanding and foster collaboration in various spheres between the two nations.

The meeting underscored the diplomatic efforts to strengthen the existing friendship and cooperation between Pakistan and Sri Lanka, with a focus on leveraging the platform of the European Union for shared interests and benefits. Both ambassadors affirmed their commitment to furthering the positive trajectory of the bilateral relationship.

The details of the discussions remain integral to fostering understanding and building a robust foundation for collaborative initiatives between the two nations within the European Union framework.

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