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Pakistani-American Businessman Expresses Confidence in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Leadership

A prominent Pakistani-American businessman based in Baltimore, Sajid Tarar, has expressed strong confidence in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s leadership, stating that he believes Modi will secure a third term as India’s Prime Minister. Tarar emphasized that Modi’s leadership has propelled India to new heights, asserting that he is not only beneficial for India but also for the region and the world. Additionally, Tarar expressed hope that Pakistan would also have a leader like Modi.

“Modi is an exceptional leader, a natural-born leader. He has demonstrated his leadership by visiting Pakistan under challenging circumstances, risking his political capital. I anticipate that Modi ji will initiate dialogue and trade with Pakistan,” Tarar remarked in an interview with news agency PTI. “A peaceful Pakistan is advantageous for India as well. Everywhere, it is evident that Modi ji will continue as India’s Prime Minister,” he added.

Having moved to the US in the 1990s, Tarar maintains strong connections with the ruling Pakistani establishment. He commended the massive voter turnout in India, highlighting the country’s status as the world’s largest democracy and Modi’s soaring popularity.

Reflecting on Pakistan’s current situation, Tarar pointed out the economic crisis causing social unrest, particularly in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK). He criticized the Pakistani government’s decision to provide financial aid to PoK, questioning its feasibility amid the country’s financial woes.

“Pakistan is grappling with economic challenges, high inflation, soaring petrol prices, and IMF pressure to raise taxes. The protest in PoK stems from increased electricity bills,” he explained.

Tarar lamented the lack of efforts to address fundamental issues such as boosting exports and tackling terrorism, urging for leadership capable of navigating Pakistan away from these challenges.

He contrasted Pakistan’s situation with India’s demographic advantage, noting the benefits derived from India’s youthful population.

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