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Pakistani Court Sentences Former Prime Minister Imran Khan to 10 Years in Jail for Leaking State Secrets Ahead of General Election

In a significant development, a Pakistani court handed down a 10-year jail term to former Prime Minister Imran Khan on Tuesday, January 30th, citing his involvement in leaking state secrets, as reported by Pakistani media. This marks his second conviction in recent months and adds a layer of complexity to the political landscape, occurring just 10 days before the country’s crucial general election. Former foreign minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi also received a similar 10-year sentence in connection with the same case.

The charges against Khan are rooted in allegations that he disclosed the contents of a confidential cable sent by the country’s ambassador in Washington to the government in Islamabad. This breach of secrecy has raised concerns about the compromise of sensitive information.

This latest legal setback follows Khan’s earlier conviction to three years in a corruption case. Although he has challenged the corruption verdict and secured a suspension of his jail term, the previous conviction has already disqualified him from participating in the upcoming general elections scheduled for next week.

Since his ousting from power through a parliamentary vote of no confidence in 2022, Imran Khan has been entangled in numerous legal battles, with this recent development further impacting his political future. The unfolding events add a layer of uncertainty to the political landscape, shaping the narrative leading up to the imminent general elections.

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