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Port City Colombo: A Thriving Investment Destination in the Heart of Sri Lanka

Port City Colombo, a multi-service Special Economic Zone (SEZ) and regional financial center and business hub, has achieved significant milestones in attracting key investments. As the project intensifies its efforts to allure prospective land development and business setup investors from South Asia, APAC, and the Middle Eastern regions by the end of 2024, notable progress has been made.

With a strategic focus on attracting high-value Foreign Direct Investments (FDIs), Port City Colombo has successfully onboarded approximately forty-one companies registered as Authorised Persons (APs), approved by the Colombo Port City Economic Commission. Furthermore, fifty-two percent (52%) of the Marina District, including South Asia’s first luxury yacht marina and 5-star hotel, has already garnered investment. Renowned international and local corporate entities such as Asiri Port City Hospital (Private) Limited, TIQRI, CODEGEN INNOVATIONS, and others have been designated as Businesses of Strategic Importance.

Presently, over twenty prospective investors are in the pipeline to register as Authorised Persons, reflecting growing confidence in Port City Colombo’s potential as a competitive regional investment hub.

Situated within the Colombo Port City Special Economic Zone, Port City Colombo offers a secure financial environment conducive to global investment in Sri Lanka. This visionary FDI destination boasts a thriving commercial ecosystem and a master-planned city, facilitating diverse business operations. Investors benefit from transactions in 16 international currencies with no capital or exchange controls, 100% foreign ownership, and fiscal incentives for over 25 years.

Port City Colombo provides two primary investment options: land development investments encompassing residential and commercial property development, and business setup investments offering opportunities in IT/ITes, financial services, hospitality/tourism, and logistics, among others. Entities interested in investing or establishing operations must qualify as Authorised Persons as defined by the Colombo Port City Economic Commission (CPCEC).

As Port City Colombo advances its AP and BSI initiatives, the project aims to position Sri Lanka as a global investment destination, drawing inspiration from successful economic models in Dubai and Singapore. For more information on investment opportunities, please visit

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