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President Wickremesinghe Emphasizes Constitutional Priority of Buddhism

President Ranil Wickremesinghe underscored the constitutional imperative of prioritizing Buddhism, stating that this responsibility lies with the executive, legislature, and judiciary. He emphasized that this principle is indisputable.

The President noted that any attempt to alter this principle should involve amending the constitution accordingly. These remarks were made during the inauguration ceremony of the “Gurudev Suva Arana Gilan Bhikshu Centre” in Kiriwatthuduwa, Homagama, on Saturday, June 1.

President Wickremesinghe stressed that all three branches of government must prioritize the Buddhist doctrine within the country, and failure to support this principle constitutes a violation of the constitution. He reminded Members of Parliament of their obligation to uphold and protect the constitution, which outlines people’s sovereignty, prioritization of Buddhism, and preservation of territorial integrity.

Additionally, the President shared that he has been overseeing the treatment of a critically ill patient who is now showing signs of recovery, expressing gratitude for the Maha Sangha’s support.

The “Gurudev Suva Arana Gilan Bhikshu Centre,” established at the suggestion of the late Chief Registrar of Sri Lanka Ramanya Maha Nikaya and other esteemed monks, provides comprehensive care for monks both locally and internationally. The center includes a five-story and a three-story building, capable of treating fifty monks simultaneously, and features amenities such as 20 rooms, an alms hall, medicine stores, emergency treatment units, office rooms, and a hostel for doctors.

Supported by the Sri Lanka Army and both local and international donors, the center also accommodates five hundred monks for meditation practice. Contributions from Venerable Bhikkuni Neunghaeng of South Korea and SinDaw, a Bhikkuni from Taiwan, have been instrumental in providing medical equipment for the facility.

After unveiling the plaque and inaugurating the center, President Wickremesinghe toured the facility. The ceremony also honored Venerable Pitigala Sonuttara Nayaka Thero for his dedication to the center’s establishment. The President conferred the Sri Sannath Patra honorary title on Venerable Sonuttara Nayaka Thero and presented commemorative gifts to Venerable Neunghaeng and Mrs. Sandhya Kantilatha, who donated the land for the center.

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