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Pune Gas Expands into Sri Lanka with Joint Venture – Lanka Gastech

Pune Gas, a prominent LPG solutions provider, has revealed its entry into the Sri Lankan market through a joint venture named Lanka Gastech, established in collaboration with the 3DH Group of Sri Lanka. This strategic move is in response to the escalating demand for sustainable energy solutions within Sri Lanka’s industrial and commercial sectors.

Jesal Sampat, Executive Director of Pune Gas, expressed, “Our expansion is driven by our commitment to delivering sustainable and innovative gas solutions in Sri Lanka. We eagerly anticipate contributing to the growth and success of the Sri Lankan market.” The company is diligently aligning its operations with local regulations in cooperation with Sri Lankan regulatory authorities.

The joint venture aims to introduce a range of LPG solutions specifically tailored for the Sri Lankan market, with a focus on transitioning applications from oil and diesel to LPG. This initiative underscores Pune Gas’s dedication to providing efficient and environmentally responsible gas solutions, addressing the evolving needs of businesses in Sri Lanka.

Pune Gas’s decision to venture into Sri Lanka is substantiated by comprehensive market research encompassing demand trends, regulatory frameworks, and the competitive landscape. The expansion aligns with the company’s strategy to extend its proficiency in downstream LPG solutions and support the transition of industrial and commercial users in Sri Lanka toward more sustainable energy alternatives.

In Sri Lanka, the company emphasizes customer-centric services, efficient logistics, and supply chain management to ensure timely product delivery.

Through this joint venture, Pune Gas seeks to leverage its three-decade-long experience and commitment to sustainability to make a substantial impact on the energy sector in Sri Lanka. Source: Economic Times

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