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Putin Warns West of Russia’s Nuclear Readiness Amid Ukraine Tensions

President Vladimir Putin issued a stark warning to the West on Wednesday, asserting that Russia is technically prepared for nuclear war. He cautioned that any U.S. deployment of troops to Ukraine would be viewed as a significant escalation of the conflict.

Speaking shortly before the March 15-17 election, where he is expected to secure another six years in power, Putin emphasized that while a nuclear war scenario was not imminent, Russia was fully prepared from a military-technical standpoint. He clarified that he saw no necessity for the use of nuclear weapons in Ukraine.

Putin underscored that the deployment of American troops to Russian territory or Ukraine would be interpreted as intervention by Russia, cautioning against such actions. He highlighted the expertise within the U.S. regarding Russian-American relations and strategic restraint, but reiterated Russia’s readiness for any scenario.

The Russian leader’s nuclear warning coincided with an offer for talks on Ukraine within a new framework for European security post-Cold War. However, the U.S. has expressed skepticism about Putin’s willingness to engage in substantive discussions regarding Ukraine.

The conflict in Ukraine has strained Russia’s relations with the West, reminiscent of the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962. Putin has repeatedly cautioned against Western intervention in Ukraine, warning of the risk of nuclear confrontation.

Putin’s warnings come amid ongoing concerns about how the West can support Ukraine against Russia’s advances. While Kyiv portrays its conflict with Russia as a defense against imperial-style aggression, Putin asserts control over territories in Ukraine, claiming them as part of Russia.

Despite the tensions, Putin expressed Russia’s readiness for serious talks on Ukraine, emphasizing the need for negotiations based on reality rather than unrealistic expectations. However, previous attempts at ceasefire proposals have been met with rejection by the U.S.

In response to concerns raised by U.S. Central Intelligence Agency Director William Burns about potential territorial losses for Ukraine, Putin reiterated the need for written security guarantees as part of any settlement, emphasizing Russia’s mistrust and the necessity for satisfactory assurances.

Putin’s remarks underscore the high stakes and complex dynamics surrounding the conflict in Ukraine, with nuclear tensions adding a volatile dimension to the geopolitical landscape.

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