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Railways Department to Launch ‘Dunhinda Odyssey’ Special Train to Commemorate 100 Years of Colombo-Badulla Service

As the Railways Department marks a century since the inception of the train service between Colombo and Badulla, a special train named ‘Dunhinda Odyssey’ is set to be launched tomorrow.

The inaugural journey of the ‘Dunhinda Odyssey’ is scheduled to depart from Colombo Fort at 6:30 a.m. local time.

Following its inauguration, the ‘Dunhinda Odyssey’ will be dedicated to passenger transportation, offering a unique experience for travelers. The ticket fare for this special journey is set at Rs. 8,000. The train comprises four cabins, each equipped with 44 seats, including three second-class cabins and a third-class cabin with an onboard canteen facility.

In addition to the ‘Dunhinda Odyssey,’ the Railways Department has arranged another special train for travel to Badulla on the same day as part of the centenary celebrations.

This additional train, named “Calypso,” is specifically designed to provide passengers with exceptional viewing experiences, featuring open viewing facilities without round covers. The inauguration of the “Calypso” train service will be presided over by the Minister of Transport and Highways, Bandula Gunawardena.

The “Calypso” train is uniquely tailored to allow passengers to immerse themselves in the natural splendor of the journey, complemented by entertainment amenities such as onboard food and music. The approximate duration of this scenic trip is two and a half hours.

These commemorative train services offer passengers a memorable journey while celebrating a significant milestone in Sri Lanka’s railway history.

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