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Retrospective Increase in Monthly Allowances for Disabled Persons, Kidney Patients, and Elderly Citizens Announced by Finance State Minister Shehan Semasinghe

In a recent announcement, Finance State Minister Shehan Semasinghe disclosed that the monthly allowances for disabled persons, kidney patients, and elderly citizens will undergo a retrospective increase from January 2024. The revised allowances, effective immediately, are outlined as follows:

  • Kidney patients: Rs. 7,500 (previously Rs. 5,000)
  • Disabled persons: Rs. 7,500 (previously Rs. 5,000)
  • Elderly citizens: Rs. 3,000 (previously Rs. 2,000)

Beneficiaries under the ‘Aswesuma’ welfare program, entitled to these allowances, will be identified within the first quarter of 2024. The increased payments are scheduled to commence from April 01.

Simultaneously, the valid period for the ‘vulnerable’ and ‘transitional’ social groups will undergo an extension, ensuring continued payments until December 31.

Furthermore, a plan is in place to consolidate the existing ‘vulnerable’ and ‘transitional’ social groups, resulting in a combined total of 800,000 families categorized as ‘vulnerable.’ These families will receive an allowance of Rs. 5,000/- until December 31, while the ‘transitional’ social group, currently receiving Rs. 2,500, will also benefit from this extended period of support.

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