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Russia Strikes Critical Infrastructure in Ukraine’s Lviv Region, Prompting Polish Airspace Violation

Kyiv reported that early on Sunday, Russia targeted critical infrastructure in Ukraine’s western region of Lviv with missiles, culminating in a significant airstrike. According to Warsaw, one Russian cruise missile briefly entered Polish airspace during the attack.

Kyiv stated that Moscow deployed 57 missiles and drones in the assault, which also encompassed the capital, Kyiv. This event followed two days after Ukraine experienced the largest aerial bombardment of its energy system in over two years of full-scale war.

Maksym Kozytskyi, Lviv’s regional governor, conveyed via the Telegram messaging app, “There were two preliminary hits on the same critical infrastructure facility that the occupiers targeted at night.” He mentioned that Kinzhal hypersonic missiles, known for being harder to intercept, were used in the strike, although the specific facility wasn’t identified.

The energy ministry reported that equipment caught fire during the attack on a critical energy facility in the Lviv region, leading to a power outage. However, it remained unclear if this referred to the same targeted facility.

The air force disclosed that air defenses successfully intercepted 18 of 29 inbound missiles and 25 of 28 attack drones.

While specifics regarding the extent of damage were scarce, the targeting of critical infrastructure suggests Russia’s intent to sustain pressure on Ukraine’s energy system following previous strikes that resulted in widespread blackouts.

Serhiy Popko, head of Kyiv’s military administration, noted minor damage from the attack, with air defenses destroying around a dozen missiles over the capital and its vicinity.

In response to the ongoing assaults, people sought shelter underground in a central Kyiv metro station during the early hours, with some resting on camping mats.

Russia has justified its attacks as retaliation for Ukrainian actions during Russia’s presidential election, as depicted by Moscow.

Additionally, Polish armed forces reported a violation of Polish airspace by a Russian cruise missile launched towards Lviv. The missile entered Polish space near the town of Oserdow in Lublin Voivodeship, remaining there for 39 seconds before returning to Ukraine, as per statements from Poland’s army spokesperson, Jacek Goryszewski.

Poland intends to seek an explanation from Moscow regarding the airspace violation, while affirming continued support for Ukraine both militarily and on humanitarian grounds.

Source: Reuters

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