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Sapugaskanda Refinery to Undergo Planned Shutdown for Statutory Major Turnaround

The Ceylon Petroleum Corporation (CPC) has officially announced that the Sapugaskanda refinery is scheduled for a planned shutdown, marking a statutory major turnaround after three years of continuous operations.

In a public notice, the CPC disclosed that the Sapugaskanda Oil Refinery will halt its operations for a period of 45 days, commencing in early July 2024. This strategic decision follows the previous turnaround conducted in February 2021, aligning with mandatory international norms to ensure the refinery’s safe and reliable operations for an additional three-year period.

Upon the completion of the turnaround, the refinery will undergo upgrades aimed at enhancing its capabilities to meet the evolving product requirements of Sri Lanka.

During the planned shutdown, the CPC is committed to maintaining full crude capacity to expedite the return to optimal throughput as soon as operations resume. Additionally, a buffer stock of products, sufficient for approximately twice the planned shutdown duration, will be upheld to guarantee a continuous and uninterrupted supply to customers. This proactive approach reinforces the CPC’s dedication to maintaining stability in the supply chain and ensuring the refinery’s sustained efficiency.

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