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Second Day of Island-Wide Health Sector Strike: Decision on Continuation Pending

The island-wide strike initiated by the coalition of health sector trade unions extended into its second consecutive day today (Feb.02). Upul Rohana, President of the Paramedical Services Front (PMSF), stated that a definitive decision regarding the continuation of the strike is anticipated later today during discussions with trade union representatives.

Health workers opted for this trade union action due to the government’s perceived lack of a favorable response to their demands. A total of 72 health sector trade unions conducted a one-day strike across the nation on Feb.01, urging the government to promptly address concerns related to allowances.

Contrary to this, doctors’ unions and the All Ceylon Nurses’ Union abstained from participating in the strike, alleging a government conspiracy. In response to the island-wide strike, tri-force personnel were deployed to state hospitals nationwide to ensure the uninterrupted provision of essential medical services.

On January 08, the Cabinet of Ministers approved the proposal by President Ranil Wickremesinghe to double the Disturbance, Availability, and Transport (DAT) allowance for government doctors. However, on January 23, the government temporarily slashed the DAT allowance for doctors in half, citing insufficient funds.

This move prompted the Government Medical Officers’ Association (GMOA) to announce an indefinite strike starting January 24. The strike was later called off after the decision to suspend DAT allowance payments was reversed, following the realization that the Treasury had not provided funds within the approved allocation limit.

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