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Slight Increase in Vegetable Prices at Peliyagoda Market Ahead of Poya Day, Fish Prices Witness a Decline

Traders at the New Manning Market in Peliyagoda have reported a marginal rise in vegetable prices, attributing it to the approaching Poyaday tomorrow.

As a result, the cost of carrots has reached Rs. 1,000 per kilo, while beans are priced at Rs. 750 per kilo.

In contrast, the New Manning Market has witnessed a decrease in fish prices. Common fish varieties are now available for less than Rs. 300 per kilo. Specifically, Salaya is priced at Rs. 500 per kilo, Linna (small) at Rs. 250, and Linna (large) at Rs. 450 per kilo.

Meanwhile, at the Handapangoda Farm in Godagama, the price of a kilo of fresh chicken is Rs. 1,180. Skinless chicken is priced at Rs. 1,160, and curry chicken is available at Rs. 1,300.

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