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Sri Lanka Navy Apprehends 22 Indian Fishermen and Seizes Three Trawlers for Alleged Poaching

In a recent development, the Sri Lanka Navy has arrested 22 Indian fishermen along with three trawlers, accusing them of poaching in Sri Lankan waters near the Kovilan Lighthouse in Kareinagar. The apprehensions took place during a special operation conducted between the late hours of Saturday night (09 March) and the early hours of today (10 March).

As part of its ongoing efforts to combat illegal fishing by foreign trawlers in Sri Lankan waters, the Northern Naval Command deployed a Fast Attack Craft to intercept a group of Indian poaching trawlers. The navy identified these trawlers engaging in unauthorized fishing activities in the vicinity of the Kovilan Lighthouse.

The operation successfully led to the seizure of three Indian poaching trawlers, and the subsequent arrest of 22 Indian fishermen. The apprehended individuals were safely transported to the Kankesanthurai Harbour and are slated to be handed over to the Mailadi Fisheries Inspector for further legal proceedings.

This incident marks the latest in a series of apprehensions by the Navy, bringing the total to 15 Indian poaching trawlers and 110 Indian fishermen seized in Sri Lankan waters in the year 2024 thus far.

The Sri Lanka Navy remains committed to conducting regular patrols and operations in the country’s waters to curb the detrimental impact of illegal fishing practices by foreign trawlers on the livelihoods of local fishermen.

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