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Sri Lanka Police’s Special Unit Receives 1,077 Complaints of Abuse and Violence Against Women and Children

Between January 4th and March 10th, 2024, the special unit established within the Bureau for the Prevention of Abuse of Children and Women of Sri Lanka Police has garnered a total of 1,077 complaints concerning incidents of abuse, violence, and harassment against women and children through the hotline number ‘109’.

The Police Media Division disclosed that investigations have concluded on 477 of the filed complaints, resulting in legal action being initiated for 42 cases. Furthermore, eight complaints have been forwarded to the Mediation Boards Commission, while ongoing investigations are being conducted for the remaining 550 complaints.

Operational around the clock, this special unit was inaugurated within the Bureau for the Prevention of Abuse of Children and Women of Sri Lanka Police on January 4th, 2024, to facilitate the reception of complaints related to violence against children and women.

The Police Media Division emphasized that the unit enables the public to lodge complaints regarding crimes against children and women via the email address or the hotline number ‘109’, as well as through telephone contact at 011 2444444.

Tasked with investigating complaints concerning sexual or any other form of violence and harassment against children and women, domestic violence, child insecurity, child labor, cruelty, and cybercrimes, the unit serves a pivotal role, as per police statements.

Additionally, it offers an avenue for young children unable to visit police stations to confidentially register complaints through the provided email address and hotline number, as highlighted by police authorities. Source –

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