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Sri Lanka Prepares Cabinet Documents for Nuclear Power Development Amid Global Interest

In response to the growing interest from various countries, including Russia, France, and Denmark, in the development of nuclear power within its borders, the Sri Lanka Atomic Energy Authority (SLAEA) has drafted two crucial documents awaiting approval from the Cabinet. One document seeks to invite Expressions of Interest (EOI) from potential investors, while the other outlines the government’s policy on expanding the energy mix, according to an official statement.

The initiative by SLAEA comes as Russia has submitted proposals for the establishment of nuclear power plants, either offshore or onshore, similar to their projects in India and Bangladesh. SLAEA Chairman Prof. S. R. D. Rosa stated that the Russian proposal appears comprehensive and warrants consideration by Sri Lanka.

“We have submitted two Cabinet documents – one to call for EOI and the other to declare the national policy on incorporating nuclear power into the energy mix – to the Power and Energy Ministry for referral to the Cabinet for approval,” Prof. Rosa explained.

He further revealed that Russia has expressed its willingness to send a delegation from Rosatom, the state nuclear energy corporation, to engage in discussions regarding the proposals. It’s noteworthy that Moscow has provided substantial funding, an $11.38 billion loan, for the construction of a nuclear power plant in Bangladesh, with repayment scheduled over two decades, commencing in 2027.

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