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Sri Lanka to Host 37th Asia Pacific Regional Conference of FAO, Showcasing Commitment to Sustainable Agriculture

Sri Lanka is poised to host the 37th Asia Pacific Regional Conference (APRC) of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) as a distinguished high-level Ministerial event in Colombo from February 19 to 22. Preceded by a virtual Senior Officers Meeting in early February, the conference will delve into key aspects such as the current state of food and agriculture in the region, agrifood systems transformation, and solutions tailored for smallholders and family farmers.

President Ranil Wickremesinghe is slated to preside over the inaugural session on February 20, underscoring Sri Lanka’s unwavering commitment to sustainable agriculture and regional cooperation. The conference agenda features a special forum on agritourism, spotlighting Sri Lanka’s potential as a premier destination in this regard. The meticulous organization of the conference has been supervised by a delegation from the FAO Regional Office since late January.

With the active participation of ministers and officials from 46 member countries, the APRC serves as a pivotal platform for deliberating challenges and priorities in the realm of food and agriculture, thereby fostering regional coherence. This year’s conference aims to draw attention to vital issues while simultaneously highlighting Sri Lanka’s steadfast commitment to the sustainable agricultural development of the Asia Pacific region.

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