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Sri Lanka Transport Board Faces Daily Losses Exceeding 10 Million Rupees due to Conductor Fraud

The Sri Lanka Transport Board (SLTB) has reported a daily financial loss surpassing 10 million rupees, primarily stemming from fraudulent activities carried out by its conductors.

Panduka Swarnahansa, Deputy General Manager of the Sri Lanka Transport Board, has stated that this significant loss is chiefly attributed to ticket fraud perpetrated by bus conductors.

The situation has arisen due to conductors neglecting to issue tickets for lengthy journeys, exacerbating the financial strain on the SLTB.

In response to this issue, approximately 30 conductors per week will face temporary suspensions from work as a disciplinary measure.

The Sri Lanka Transport Board operates 107 depots across the country, employing a workforce of 7,300 conductors and 7,600 drivers.

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