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Sri Lankan Expatriates in Italy Struggle with Driving License Conversion Suspension

Sri Lankan nationals residing in Italy are grappling with a significant challenge due to the temporary suspension of the system for converting Sri Lankan driving licenses to Italian ones. According to reports, this system has been non-functional for approximately two years.

Many individuals have secured employment opportunities as drivers in Italy, facilitated by the process of converting their Sri Lankan driving licenses to Italian equivalents. However, the current suspension of this system has raised concerns about potential job losses among affected individuals.

Responding to inquiries by News 1st, a senior official revealed that the agreement between the two countries regarding the conversion of Sri Lankan driving licenses to Italian ones has expired. Efforts are underway to renew this agreement, with discussions being held between motor vehicle authorities of both nations.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs official emphasized that steps are being taken to address the situation and facilitate the resumption of the conversion process, easing the difficulties faced by Sri Lankan expatriates in Italy.

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