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Sri Lankan Fisherfolk Continue Hunger Strike on 9th Day

The hunger strike initiated by Sri Lankan fisherfolk, who were rescued from the captivity of an armed group in the Seychelles and subsequently detained in a port in the country, persists on its 9th day.

On March 1st, the six fisherfolk, who were aboard the Lorenzo Putha 4multi-day fishing trawler, commenced the hunger strike, demanding their immediate repatriation.

The Lorenzo Putha 4 trawler embarked on its maiden voyage from the port of Dikovita on January 12th.

The six fisherfolk involved in the fast hail from Marawila in Chilaw, with three of them belonging to the same family. They were captured by an armed group during their fishing activities and later rescued in an operation conducted by the Seychelles security forces. Presently, they remain detained at a port in the Seychelles.

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