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Sri Lankan Government Unveils Ambitious Plans to Revamp Hingurakgoda Domestic Airport

The Sri Lankan government has announced ambitious plans to rejuvenate the Hingurakgoda Domestic Airport, a historical airfield with origins tracing back to World War II.

Originally designated as RAF Minneriya, the airport played a crucial role as a strategic base for the Royal Air Force of England during the wartime era.

Now, the government envisions transforming this venerable facility into a vibrant international airport, positioned to stimulate economic growth and enhance connectivity.

According to the Ministry of Ports, Shipping, and Aviation, the 2024 budget has earmarked a substantial allocation of 2 billion rupees for the initial construction and developmental endeavors at Hingurakgoda Airport.

The primary phase of the development initiative will concentrate on extending the current runway. Presently spanning 2287 meters in length and 46 meters in width, the runway will undergo expansion to achieve a total length of 2500 meters.

This augmentation will facilitate the accommodation of larger aircraft, including popular models such as the Airbus A320 and Boeing B737.

The comprehensive modernization endeavor is anticipated to require a total investment of 17 billion rupees.

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