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Sri Lanka’s Latest Poverty Line Unveiled by Census and Statistics Department

The Census and Statistics Department has revealed the newest poverty line for Sri Lanka, offering crucial insights into the financial thresholds required for individuals to meet their minimum basic needs each month.

According to the data, maintaining a basic standard of living in Sri Lanka necessitates Rs. 17,014 per month per individual. However, this figure serves as a benchmark, with actual requirements varying significantly across districts.

In the bustling Colombo district, the bar is set higher, with an individual needing Rs. 18,350 per month to avoid falling below the poverty line. Notably, Colombo tops the list as the district with the most substantial financial burden to meet essential needs among all 25 districts in Sri Lanka.

Conversely, the Monaragala district reports the lowest requirement, where an individual can manage their basic needs with Rs. 16,268 per month.

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