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Sri Lanka’s State Finance Minister Meets with US Ambassador Ahead of IMF Spring Meeting

State Finance Minister Shehan Semasinghe of Sri Lanka held discussions with US Ambassador to Sri Lanka Julie Chung in Colombo, prior to his scheduled trip to Washington for the IMF Spring Meeting.

Ambassador Chung, in a post on X, commended Sri Lanka for its significant progress on the IMF program. She expressed hope that Sri Lanka would undertake the final necessary steps to unlock the next round of funding, which would bolster economic stability, promote growth, and enhance the welfare of the Sri Lankan people.

State Minister Semasinghe, in his own post on X, highlighted that the conversation primarily centered on Sri Lanka’s economic recovery efforts. They emphasized the importance of fortifying collaboration with the IMF program and engaging with other stakeholders and partners to chart a path forward.

Furthermore, Minister Semasinghe indicated that they discussed the advancements in the debt restructuring process. He noted the Ambassador’s praise for the government’s steadfast commitment to implementing reforms aimed at fostering stability in Sri Lanka. Ambassador Chung reassured the State Minister of America’s unwavering support in ensuring economic stability, growth, and debt sustainability in Sri Lanka.

These discussions underscore the shared commitment between Sri Lanka and the United States to navigate the economic challenges facing the nation and pave the way for sustainable development.

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