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State Minister Anupa Pasqual Outlines Multi-Faceted Strategy for National Stability and Prosperity

During a press briefing held at the Presidential Media Centre (PMC) today, State Minister of Social Empowerment, Anupa Pasqual, unveiled a comprehensive strategy aimed at fostering national stability and prosperity under the theme ‘Collective Path to a Stable Country’.

Under the banner of “New Village, New Country, Entrepreneurial State,” the State Minister outlined initiatives designed to empower vulnerable populations, create foreign employment opportunities, and enhance skills development. Expressing optimism for a brighter future, Pasqual introduced a plan intended to uplift 1.2 million needy families, propelling them towards economic independence.

Pasqual emphasized the government’s commitment to leveraging international opportunities by announcing plans to send 10,000 individuals proficient in Japanese for jobs abroad. Additionally, the government aims to provide 100,000 additional foreign jobs for Sri Lankan citizens this year, underlining its dedication to investing in skills development and preparing the workforce for the global market.

Highlighting the government’s dedication to building a stable and prosperous future, Pasqual stated, “Our mission for 2024 is to uplift Sri Lanka through Aswasuma, offering social security to 2.0 million beneficiaries and empowering 300,000 vulnerable families, laying the foundation for a prosperous ‘New village, New country, Entrepreneurial state.’”

Pasqual stressed that beyond financial assistance, the focus is on creating opportunities for foreign employment, with initiatives such as placing 10,000 Japanese Language Proficiency Test passers abroad and targeting 100,000 foreign jobs.

Moreover, the strategy includes equipping beneficiaries with professional skills through targeted training programs and promoting high-value crops like tea, cinnamon, and pepper for export, promising sustainable economic empowerment.

Efforts to enhance the Samurdhi Development Department are underway, with over 25,000 individuals targeted for comprehensive promotion. The ultimate goal is to pivot the department’s focus from welfare provision to entrepreneurial development, with President Wickremesinghe’s vision of empowering the workforce.

To bolster youth vocational training, three agreements have been signed with China, marking a significant step towards enhancing skills development in the country.

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