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Supreme Court Begins Hearing Petitions Challenging Clauses of Sri Lanka Electricity Bill

The hearing of petitions filed before the Supreme Court, seeking an order declaring certain clauses of the Sri Lanka Electricity Bill, submitted by the government to the Parliament recently, as unconstitutional, commenced today (May 9).

The petitions were brought before a three-member Supreme Court judge bench comprising Justices Vijith Malalgoda, Shiran Gunaratne, and Arjuna Obeysekera.

At the onset of the hearing, Additional Solicitor General Viveka Siriwardena, representing the Attorney General, underscored that the government introduced this bill with the aim of enhancing the efficiency of electricity generation, distribution, and sale, while ensuring convenient service for consumers.

Following the oral submissions by the Additional Solicitor General, the attorneys representing the petitioners began presenting their arguments.

These petitions have been filed by 14 parties, including the secretary of the Ceylon Electricity Workers’ Union, Ranjan Jayalal.

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