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Switzerland Seeks to Ban Hamas Following Attacks and Hostage Crisis

Switzerland’s government announced on Wednesday its intention to ban Hamas, the Palestinian militant group, in response to the attacks in Israel last year. The assaults on October 7 resulted in the deaths of two Swiss nationals and the hostage-taking of nearly 250 people. Subsequently, Israel launched a military assault on Gaza, claiming the lives of nearly 29,000 Palestinians, with thousands more feared lost amid the destruction.

Under the proposed legislation, not only Hamas but also its “cover or successor organizations,” as well as entities acting on its behalf or in its name, will face a ban. The Swiss government aims to both hold Hamas accountable for the October attacks and prevent the group from using Switzerland as a safe haven or carrying out attacks within the country. The legislation intends to facilitate entry bans or expulsions, making such actions more accessible.

Additionally, the ban is expected to enhance efforts in combating terrorist financing. By allowing Swiss anti-money laundering authorities to exchange information more effectively with counterparts abroad, the government aims to strengthen global cooperation against terrorism.

The legislation, currently in the consultation phase, will be in effect for a limited period of five years, according to the Swiss government.

Source: Reuters

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