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Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Urges Release of Detained Fishermen in Sri Lanka

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin has penned a letter to India’s External Affairs Minister Dr. S. Jaishankar, urging immediate action to secure the release of all detained fishermen and their fishing boats in Sri Lanka, along with ensuring necessary legal assistance for them.

In his letter, Stalin highlighted the distress and uncertainty faced by families due to multiple incidents of Indian fishermen being detained by Sri Lankan authorities. He specifically mentioned the recent case where 32 fishermen from Tamil Nadu were apprehended by the Sri Lankan Navy on March 21, along with the seizure of their five mechanised boats.

Stalin emphasized the need for decisive action to address this ongoing issue promptly, ensuring the safety and well-being of the affected fishermen. He also stressed the necessity of providing legal assistance to those fishermen who have already been sentenced by Sri Lankan courts.

The frequent detentions of Indian fishermen often occur in the Palk Strait, a narrow waterway between Tamil Nadu and northern Sri Lanka, known for its abundant fishing grounds. Last year alone, according to official data, 240 Indian fishermen were arrested in Sri Lankan waters, with 35 trawlers seized.

Stalin urged Dr. Jaishankar to prioritize securing the immediate release of all detained fishermen and their boats, along with facilitating necessary legal aid for those arrested by Sri Lanka, in order to address this ongoing concern effectively.

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