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First arrest under Sri Lanka’s Online Safety Bill has been recorded

In a recent statement, Minister of Public Security Tiran Alas disclosed that the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) has successfully apprehended an individual responsible for disseminating false information on social media platforms. Minister Alas emphasized that the suspect, who engaged in malicious smear campaigns, received support from a politician.

Addressing the issue during a program held in Panadura on Saturday (10), Minister Alas expressed concerns over the impact of such slanderous activities, stating, “He was slandering us through social media. He had about Rs. 400,000 at the time of the arrest. This is why we have implemented the online safety act. These campaigns can even be used to change governments.”

The minister underscored the significance of the recently enacted online safety act in curbing and addressing such online misconduct. Additionally, he hinted at future disclosures, stating that the names of those involved would be revealed in due course. The move aims to ensure transparency and accountability in addressing cybercrimes and safeguarding the integrity of public figures and institutions.


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