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The Next “Jayagamu Sri Lanka” Programme in Kegalle

The Ministry of Labor and Foreign Employment has made arrangements to hold the next “Jayagamu Sri Lanka” People’s Mobile Service programme on February 23rd and 24th in Kegalle. The inauguration program is scheduled to be held on February 23 under the patronage of Labor and Foreign Employment Minister Mr. Manusha Nanayakkara and with the participation of the people’s representatives of the district.

Along with this mobile service, many welfare programs have been organized for Sri Lankans working abroad and their family members in Kegalle district. Through the Smart Youth program, vocational training opportunities will be provided to 10,000 youth throughout the island with the support of the Presidential Secretariat.

It is also planned to provide NVQ certificates to chosen people working in the informal sector in Sri Lanka under the “Garu Saru” program, which was initiated with the aim of ensuring the safety and dignity of Informal Sector Workers in the country.

In addition, arrangements have been made to award scholarships and distribute school equipment to the school-going children of migrant workers residing in Kegalle district. Also, programs will be implemented to provide assistance to start self-employment for workers who have returned to the island after completing their foreign employment, and migrant workers who are successfully engaged in business after coming to the country will be felicitated.

Stalls will be made available at this exhibition ground to sell the goods produced by migrant workers who have started self-employment initiatives after returning home.

Also, medical equipment including spectacles and wheelchairs will be donated to disabled migrant workers, and arrangements have been made to provide Smart Boards to establish smart classrooms in the schools of Kegalle district where the children of migrant workers are educated.

To coincide with this program, the local government officials will be made aware about the field of foreign employment, and also a media forum will be established by encompassing the professional journalists working in the Kegalle district.

Furthermore, the youth will have the opportunity to get job opportunities in foreign countries through accredited foreign employment agencies and on the night of the 24th, arrangements have been made to hold a music concert with the participation of many popular artistes.

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