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Third Offshore Campus of Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Likely in Sri Lanka

Sources indicate that the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) is poised to establish its third offshore campus in Sri Lanka. The proposal for an IIT in Sri Lanka was unveiled in the 2024 Budget last November by Sri Lankan President and Finance Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe.

The Sri Lankan government is reportedly in discussions with IIT Madras for this ambitious project. A recent high-level delegation visited the Chennai campus to discuss the future roadmap, and talks are ongoing with the likelihood of the campus being situated in Kandy, as per sources.

The delegation also visited the Research Park at the campus, engaging with officials to explore potential areas of collaboration. The Indian government had earlier announced opportunities for meritorious Sri Lankan students to gain admission to IITs in India from the 2017-18 academic sessions onwards.

IIT Madras spokesperson stated, “Talks with Sri Lankan authorities are in preliminary stages for IIT Madras to set up a campus in that country. A delegation from Sri Lanka visited our campus, and soon a delegation from IIT Madras will visit Sri Lanka for a feasibility study.”

If the plan for the Sri Lankan campus materializes, it would be IIT Madras’ second international campus. The institute previously announced the establishment of an offshore campus in Tanzania’s Zanzibar, which started functioning in November last year, offering academic programs in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence.

Other IITs are also making strides in establishing international campuses. IIT Delhi signed an agreement with the UAE government for a campus in Abu Dhabi, focusing on energy transition and sustainability. The UK is also expressing interest in hosting an IIT offshore campus, with discussions underway between UK universities and IITs.

Several IITs have received requests from Middle Eastern and South Asian countries to set up campuses. The central government has established a 17-member committee to facilitate the opening of IIT campuses in foreign locations, allowing students from different nations to pursue technical education. Source: PTI

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