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Transparency International Sri Lanka Denounces Government’s Passage of Online Safety Act without Supreme Court-Mandated Amendments

Transparency International Sri Lanka has expressed its strong condemnation following the government’s approval of the Online Safety Act, despite the failure to implement crucial amendments as mandated by the Supreme Court.

In an official statement, Transparency International Sri Lanka voiced its dismay, stating, “We are appalled by the outrageous conduct of the Government, Parliament, Attorney General, and the Speaker in signing off on a version of the Online Safety Act that does not contain several of the amendments required by the Supreme Court in its determination on the bill.”

The organization proceeded to criticize the action as a “blatant violation of the Constitutional safeguard,” emphasizing the citizens’ right to seek redress from the court against any unconstitutional laws imposed by the legislature.

Labeling it as an “unprecedented abuse of power by the legislature,” Transparency International Sri Lanka called for immediate corrective measures to rectify the situation.

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