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US Department of Defense Facilitates ISR Flight Demonstrations for Sri Lankan Military

The United States Department of Defense, through the US Embassy in Sri Lanka, is organizing Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) flight demonstrations for the Sri Lankan Military.

Commencing on March 12th at SLAF Base Ratmalana, this significant training program will run until March 14th, 2024. The primary objective, according to the Sri Lanka Air Force, is to provide comprehensive briefings and conduct ISR flight demonstrations, with a specific focus on enhancing Sri Lanka’s capabilities in Maritime Domain Awareness (MDA) missions.

The initiative aims to bolster Sri Lanka’s maritime domain awareness capabilities, offering training to SLAF pilots and Sri Lanka’s Tri-Services involved in maritime surveillance to prepare for future engagement opportunities with the United States. It also aims to strengthen interoperability and relations between the Governments of Sri Lanka and the United States, promoting a safer and more prosperous Indo-Pacific region.

Over time, this enhanced capability will enable Sri Lankan Tri-Services to better protect the country’s marine resources, deter illicit trafficking, monitor its exclusive economic zone, and ensure maritime security, as per a statement.

The ISR Demonstration will lay the groundwork for future training and cooperation with the SLAF, including joint security exercises, MDA initiatives, and Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief (HADR) operations. This will ultimately foster greater interoperability between the US Department of Defense and the Sri Lanka Tri-Services.

The US Ambassador to Sri Lanka highlighted that the demonstration showcases capabilities to enhance the protection of maritime resources, counter illicit trafficking, monitor Sri Lanka’s exclusive economic zone, and secure its seas.

She emphasized the United States’ dedication to partnership and collective efforts to foster collaboration in humanitarian aid, disaster relief, and maritime security, contributing to a safer and more prosperous Indo-Pacific region.

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