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Warning Issued by LRH Consultant Pediatrician: Protect Children from Heat-Related Illnesses

Lady Ridgeway Hospital’s consultant pediatrician, Dr. Deepal Perera, has raised alarm over the surge in heat-related illnesses among school students nationwide due to the recent high temperatures. Many students have been hospitalized as a result.

Dr. Perera urgently appeals to parents and teachers to take preventive measures by ensuring children receive ample fluids with essential minerals to avoid dehydration and heat shock in the prevailing hot weather.

The doctor emphasizes that insufficient fluid intake can lead to severe health complications, including fatigue, headache, drowsiness, vomiting, body pain, insomnia, increased sleepiness, and loss of appetite.

Highlighting the risk of dehydration and heat shock when children engage in outdoor activities without consuming water, Dr. Perera advises parents to provide their children with two bottles of water when going to school. Additionally, he recommends natural liquids such as coconut water, lime, orange, and various porridge options for optimal hydration.

Dr. Perera stresses the importance of regular bathing, suggesting at least twice a day, to mitigate the risk of skin diseases like sweat blisters and eczema during the intense heat. A minimum of 20 minutes in water can significantly alleviate discomfort associated with the skin in these weather conditions.

This advisory serves as a crucial reminder to prioritize the well-being of schoolchildren during the ongoing hot weather and underscores the essential role of hydration and proper skin care in preventing heat-related ailments.

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