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“Weather Advisory: Showers Expected Across Sri Lanka in Next 36 Hours”

The Department of Meteorology has issued a forecast indicating the possibility of showers or thundershowers in the Eastern and Uva provinces, as well as the Hambantota District, over the next 36 hours.

Additionally, several spells of showers are anticipated in the North-central and Northern provinces, with showers or thundershowers expected at various locations elsewhere on the island during the afternoon or at night.

Moreover, regions including the Western, Sabaragamuwa, Central, and North-western Provinces may experience fairly heavy showers exceeding 75mm in intensity.

Misty conditions are forecasted in certain areas of the Central, Sabaragamuwa, and Uva provinces, as well as the Galle and Matara districts during the morning hours.

The public is advised to take necessary precautions to mitigate potential damages caused by temporary localized strong winds and lightning during thundershowers.

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