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White House Expresses Concern Over Reports of Voter Intimidation and Suppression in Pakistan’s Election

The White House conveyed its apprehension on Thursday regarding reports of intimidation and voter suppression in Pakistan’s recent election. This statement comes in the wake of protests emerging in various parts of the country.

Despite the election held last week failing to yield a clear majority for any party, independent candidates supported by imprisoned former Prime Minister Imran Khan secured 92 out of 264 seats, establishing themselves as the largest group.

Concerns over the fairness of the February 8 election have surfaced both within Pakistan and in major foreign capitals, with Washington previously noting “undue restrictions” on freedoms of expression and assembly.

White House spokesperson John Kirby addressed reporters on Thursday, stating, “We are watching this very, very closely,” while expressing unease about “intimidation and voter suppression.” He added that international monitors are currently scrutinizing the election tallies, refraining from preempting the outcome of this ongoing process. Source: Reuters

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